Be_Twin or Between


Leo goes from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, to pay final respects to his friend Ed, who died in the hospital after a gender reassignment surgery. On finding himself in the center of mysterious and dramatic events, Leo gets the idea of writing a book and making a film about his friend.

‘… I immediately saw not only the singularity of the material taken, but also a rare sincerity and a surprising poignancy in the story of a man who may not meet someone’s prudish morals nowadays, and earlier would have been declared vicious. Even being absolutely aside from all the hero’s torments and mindless, self-wasting way of living of his friends, you suddenly catch yourself on a paradoxical thought that this movie-essay has grasped some drive of a fleeting time and touched an exposed nerve with pretty painful endings’.

Sergey Kudryavtsev, Russian film critic


Лео едет из Москвы в Санкт-Петербург, чтобы проститься со своим другом Эдом. Тот умер в больнице после пластической операции по смене пола. Оказавшись в центре загадочных драматических событий, Лео загорается идеей написать книгу и снять фильм о своём друге.

I’m searching for ways to implement this project, looking for producers and a film company.

Oleg Skripchenko, screenwriter