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Once you came in to my life
Washed with rain and veiled by night
Midnight stranger lonely heart
Like the lightning broke the dark

I hold the holy dreams of you
Like a gem like morning dew
Tender lips and gorgeous hair
And the breath of scouted air

Touch my heart and stay with me
Say you lovers love me tenderly
Let us start it only you
I’ll splendidly love you

© 2003



Highways paved with leaves
Dying in the rain
He will leave everything in vain
Why did you promise me?
You would keep alive
Feelings in your heart
Memories in your life

Searching for your arms
Deep in the night I know
Nowhere in the stars
No one’s love will grow
Why did I fall in love?
Better on my own
Wandering through my dreams
Staying there alone

But again September rain
Would suddenly touch my face
As if it were our tender kisses
Here I go again
Again I feel the pain
Again I hear your breath
Again my old reminiscences
Here I go again

© 1999



Yellow maple leaf
Beaten by the rain
Do you wanna live?
Suffering from this pain
Rain is not your mate
Let us fly away
He will never let you
Leave the earth today

Let us join the wind
He is calling us
What are you waiting for?
Join him in his dance
We shall fly away
We shall stay alive
Dancing in the wind
Dancing all this life

We’ll be dancing in the wind
Together in the wind
Together with the wind
We’ll be dancing in the wind
Forever in the wind
Forever with the wind
Dancing in the wind
Dancing all life long

My yellow maple leaf

© 1999


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